Davina Gjennestad-Sacks

Jewish Competencies: Ashkenazi Conservative Conversos Jew-ish Exploring Crisis of Faith JeWitch Pagan Earth-Based JOC Jews of Color Reform Secular Humanistic Cultural Sephardi




Service Details

Unique Offerings: Group Therapy Evenings Weekends Accepts Insurance
Community Competencies: Geeks and Gamers Immigrants or Expats or Refugees Chronic and Acute Illness or Medical Trauma Neurodiversity Autism or ADHD or Etc LGBTQIA Queer or Ace or Trans Affirming BIPOC Racial Minorities or Indigenous Heritage
Therapeutic Approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT EMDR Therapy Family Systems Therapy, Internal Family Systems IFS
Concerns Specialties: ADHD Adoption Anger Management Anxiety Autism Bipolar Disorder Borderline Personality Depression Dual Diagnosis Grief Mood Disorder Personality Disorders Relationship Issues Self Esteem Self-Harming Suicidal Ideation Transgender