The Jewish Therapist Directory

Welcome chaverim! We’re so excited that, after a year of hard work and much expense, our directory is finally live! Out of the more than 3,000 of you, we’ve got our first set of listees onboarded and we’re so excited to grow this year to meet the consistent and growing need for Jewish clinicians who get it.

Directory Features

This isn’t like any other directory! We’ve tinkered and toiled in the lab to bring you…

  • Gorgeous graphics, down to every last cultural & clinical competence icon!
  • Space for a rich profile so the folks you want to reach can get to know you!
  • Options for a variety of pics of you and your office, your logo, and even video!
  • Powerful filtering, geomapping, and listing data – with all the search engine ranking capabilities of larger directories!
  • The accessible pricing that only can come from an advocacy-focused endeavor like ours: we’re lower cost than all of the other secular and affinity options, and we have a need-based path to listing, so no licensee/registrant is left out!
  • The customized selection of practice foci, cultural competencies, and interventions that reflect our values of delivering high-quality care and seeing the client as a whole person. And since we built it, we can add or change whatever’s needed – just fill out this survey after you’ve gotten listed with your suggestions so we can make changes happen!

Unlike the big-label directories out there, your participation grants you free access to our learning events, very discounted access to CE credits when available, discounts and dibs on registration for our hosted consultation groups, the emerging archive of past trainings, and discounts on trainings from guest clinician educators.

More to come in early 2024, including advocacy trainings, Jewish client competencies, and even an official Brainspotting training!

Get Listed

Click below to create your profile. You’ll be able to save and edit once you’ve registered. Please know that we appreciate any feedback!

Membership Mitzvot

If this is your first visit to the Jewish Therapist Collective, allow us to kvell for a sec about all the amazing things our community is doing, and share the access you get as directory participants! We hope it warms your heart to know that the directory listing fees are used to fund the directory platform AND these other incredible programs…

We host a Mentor Match program. Grad school, especially as Jewish students pursuing a career in Counseling, Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, Psychology, and other related healthcare and support fields… can be lonely, confusing, and even hostile at times. Our organization has been setting up informal mentoring relationships between grad students/newer grads and seasoned clinicians for the past few years and we’ve officially codified it into a comprehensive program. Through mentoring, newer members of our field can find connection, receive support around antisemitism, and find valuable career and personal development support!

We advocate for Jewish dignity, inclusion, and accurate representation. We harness our passion, the size of our collective, and our decades of collective experience in clinical and advocacy work to create REAL change in the communities we serve and the structures that scaffold our field. Through targeted letter-writing and outreach, both public/open and private/confidential, we’ve helped to create change through a blend of compassion, urgency, and evidence-based appeal to reason.

We run a number of free support and meditation groups as well as learning opportunities for clinicians, both Jewish and not. What started out as popup support groups during holidays and in times of crisis have blossomed into multiple-a-month zooms.  We now offer support groups, discussion sessions, and meditations – as well as consultation and educational opportunities!

And of course, we continue to host a lively, affinity Facebook group for Jewish therapists and related professionals! Be sure to answer the questions to get access.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help us make Jewish-affirming therapy accessible the world over? We’re looking for volunteer ambassadors the world over to help make your city/region/country accessible to the Jewish clients who need care. We’d love to hear from you!