Adam Kreuzer

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Adam Kreuzer

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Unique Offerings: Weekends
Community Competencies: Geeks and Gamers Immigrants or Expats or Refugees Interfaith Families or Couples or Identities Chronic and Acute Illness or Medical Trauma Neurodiversity Autism or ADHD or Etc LGBTQIA Queer or Ace or Trans Affirming
Therapeutic Approach: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Emotionally Focused Therapy EFT Mindfulness Therapy Mindfulness Based MBCT Motivational Interviewing Narrative Therapy Strength Based Therapy Trauma Focused Therapy
Concerns Specialties: ADHD Addiction Alcohol Use Anger Management Antisocial Personality Anxiety Autism Behavioral Issues Bipolar Disorder Chronic Impulsivity Chronic Pain Codependency Depression Developmental Disorders Divorce Domestic Abuse Domestic Violence Eating Disorders Education and Learning Disabilities Emotional Disturbance Family Conflict Gambling Grief Impulse Control Disorders Infertility Infidelity Intellectual Disability Marital and Premarital Memory Problems Mood Disorder Narcissistic Personality Body Acceptance Compassion Parenting Peer Relationships Personality Disorders Pregnancy or Prenatal or Postpartum Relationship Issues School Issues Self Esteem Sleep or Insomnia Spirituality Substance Use Teen Violence Thinking Disorder Transgender Trauma and PTSD